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Attorney, publisher, and former boxer Chad Ellis Boykin is the owner and creator of Jobber House Press, LLC. He earned a Juris Doctor from North Carolina Central University School of Law, Cum Laude, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, with a minor in Film, from North Carolina State University, Magna Cum Laude.

He is the author of Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide to Conditioning, Training, and Fighting (Paladin Press), The Twilight Zone Haiku, and the forthcoming Kaiju and Kayfabe, essays on the uniquely interconnected history of giant Japanese monster cinema and the art of professional wrestling.

He has contributed to the forthcoming Outside In Can Live With It: 174 Deep Space 9 Stories, 174 Writers, 174 New Perspectives (ATB Press), and has written for Kaiju Ramen, G-Fan (Daikaiju Enterprises, Ltd.), Women Love Wrestling, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Legends Presents: Muay Thai, Diabetes Forecast, and Diabetes Fitness.


Digital Media Manager and Content Consultant

Economist, researcher, and policy analyst Ikhlas A. Mohamed holds a Master of Arts in International Economics and Development from Eastern Michigan University, Michigan, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Political Science from The University of Khartoum, Sudan. She has served as a public policy analyst, a non-profit refugee services program coordinator, and as a social media content manager and advisor. Ikhlas is the digital media manager for Jobber House Press, providing account management, marketing, and content services across multiple social media platforms.  


Audio/Video Engineer, Producer, and Technology Consultant

Research director, economist, and audiophile Christopher Sadler holds a Master of Science in Applied Econometrics and a Master of Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University, Michigan. He has professional experience in state government public service, library science, and higher education. He is the producer and host of The Jobber House Press Conference Podcast, and a technical and content advisor.

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