Kaiju and Kayfabe: The Connection Between Giant Monster Cinema and Professional Wrestling

Kaiju and Kayfabe is a forthcoming book of essays exploring the depths of the uniquely interconnected worlds of giant Japanese monster cinema and the art of professional wrestling.

Kaiju Ramen Magazine JRM #007 November 2022

Kaiju and Kayfabe


Published by Daikaiju Enterprises, LTD.

  • G-Fan Issue 93:
    • Godzilla vs. The King of the Monsters: East Meets West as Iconic Atomic Monster Reflects Two Societies
  • G-Fan Issue 108:
    • Godzilla on the Small Screen: The Horror Host Phenomenon and The King of the Monsters
  • G-Fan Issue 116:
    • Shin Godzilla Japanese 3-Disc Import Review
  • G-Fan Issue 118:
    • Why No Love for Godzilla?
  • G-Fan Issue 122:
    • King Kong: Alive on Broadway!
  • G-Fan Issue 132:
    • Spirit of ’76: King Kong 1976 Blu-Ray Release by Shout! Factory
    • Interview with Kong 1976 Blu-Ray Producer Cliff MacMillian